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But wow, is there ever a lot of badfic in Mass Effect fandom.

I freely admit that any Original Character protagonist automatically puts a story in my badfic bin. Particularly when they're paired with a canon character. Boyfriend thinks Mass Effect fandom is particularly ripe for Mary Sues because so many people play the games in a self-insert kinda way.

There's also a lot of longfic. That's not inherently bad, but it's annoying when I'm looking for a quick smutty read and have to wade through a lot of 50k+ word epics. Oh, and another instant badfic indicator for me: Abuse of author's notes. If there's one at the end of every chapter, I start having flashbacks and break out in hives.

On the plus side, I am finding a steady supply of decent porn! I think I'm possibly enjoying the Turian sex a bit much. That's like half a step from furries, right?
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Right now, there's a throwdown on FetLife (a popular kinky social network) over content restrictions. It reminds me a bit of the old LJ battles -- except it looks like FL is going to end up with rules that are more restrictive than LJ's. Or at least, LJ's post-strikethrough rules. If they've tightened up over the last couple years, I wouldn't have noticed.

The credit card processing companies have been putting the squeeze on sex-related websites, telling them they will no longer do business with them unless they crack down on certain types of content. When this content is discussions about grooming children for sexual abuse, this crackdown is awesome. FL was taking a very lax position on such content, allowing communities about trufax non-fantasy molestation to continue. So, you know, fuck that, and yay for someone getting FL to shut that shit down.

The credit card companies are also insisting that FL disallow other "obscene" content. Remember that "obscene," in the U.S., means more than "pornographic." They are specifically calling out scat, bestiality, and incest (even among adults). And they're apparently asking that fictional content about these topics be forbidden, too.

This worries me. The AO3 doesn't have any such content restrictions. Does that mean the OTW is in danger of getting squeezed like this? I just wrote a moderately graphic teen sibling incest fic for Yuletide. (Based, mind you, on canon teen sibling incest from a 17th century play.) Is the OTW eventually going to be pressured to delete fics like that or lose the ability to take money from people through anything but BitCoin?
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Dear Inception fandom:

Welcome! You have kick-ass source material, hot actors, and an active high-quality kink meme that's jump-starting things with style. So awesome! There's just one thing I need to ask of you:

Stop warning for slash.

Same-sex relationships are not something we need to "warn" for. LGBT relationships are not like graphic violence or nonconsensual sex. Warning for slash is not cute. It's homophobic, whether you intend it to be or not. Stoppit.

But please keep writing Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Everyone!

Despite your fail, with love,
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I'm so good at procrastinating, you guys. Today, faced with the prospect of actually getting down and dirty and writing the porn bit of my fic, I was suddenly gripped by the overwhelming need to make an LJ icon to use when I eventually post said fic. Be prepared, that's my motto! So I spent about an hour looking for screencaps. No dice. Then I spent a half-hour installing a program that would allow me to make my own large batch of screencaps. Then I found out iTunes doesn't even sell the film in question, which makes NO goddamn sense, and [community profile] iheartcinema is closed, so forget pirating. Then I scoured dA for something suitable. Then I appropriated an appealing image and fucked around in GIMP for a while. VICTORY!

Did I mention that I also spent a couple hours fretting over my DW journal layout? Like, to the point that I registered an account at Colour Lovers so I could play with palettes and patterns more easily?


Also, I think I'm writing intellislash. Leaves aren't quite falling and swirling, but it's a close thing.
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Research is a particularly devious procrastination technique. I could stare at the blank screen and chew my lip and fret over word choice and put down a sentence that I will immediately delete and hate every phrase that comes off my fingertips ... or I could read awesomely salacious true tales of fallen women killing themselves in seedy flophouses while down-and-out addicts prepare to toss the bodies into the gutter! Which one of these things makes me feel worse about myself, and which one of them makes me feel better? TAKE ME AWAY, WIKIPEDIA.
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