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The robot-themed vid project has led me to finally learn some audio editing as well. I am working on what may become a serviceable mashup! Try as I might, I could NOT find an electronica/electro/EBMish song with a female vocalist that would work for this damn vid. I found lyrics from a few songs I liked, and nice instrumental bits from a few other songs, and decided FUCK IT I'll make my own damn song. Of course the songs I want don't have studio acapellas floating around so I had to find or make DIY acapellas. Which are a bit dodgy, to say the least. I may be able to patch it all together with scotch tape and paper clips.

The project also led me to spend an evening watching Small Wonder, that truly awful television show from the eighties. Just so, so bad. Not quite as bad as Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, though. The things we do for art.
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One of the vids I'm working on is about lady robots. (I already found an AMV along similar lines, but I think my idea is different enough that I don't feel like a big ol' copycat.) I'm at the point where I'm planning and clipping and whatnot. My question is this: Should I include cyborgs? Cyborgs and robots are not the same thing, but they can look similar visually, and their story arcs can be quite similar, too, and include similar themes. Lord knows I can fill 3-4 minutes with robots alone, but there are some very cool cyborg ladies to potentially include.
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I watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica this weekend, clipping like a madwoman for my maybe-for-Wiscon vid. I had forgotten that the show could easily be subtitled "or How Gaius Baltar Repeatedly Failed at Life and Doomed Humanity." One of his few moments of non-fail -- helping Gina -- was really about him wanting a replacement for Caprica and eventually undermined by his pushy/rapey attitude toward her. Ugh.

Also, plot hole: Why did he give her the nuke, and why did she use it in that way and at that moment?

Postscript: the number of fucks given about Kara/Lee remains infinitesimal.
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I listened to waaaaaaaay too much chick-metal and angst-rock today, desperately trying to find a song for my planned vid. (Well, one of my planned vids.) It's about bearing the weight of difficult choices, and lemme tell ya, it's hard to find a song that works for that! As my friend pointed out today, very few songs with a female vocalist pass the Bechdel test. It's boys and lurve and sex and breakups from morning 'til night.

Current top contender: "Stand My Ground," by Within Temptation. And it's still a little too chipper. I really like the idea of this cover of Linkin Park's "Numb" and "What I've Done," but the production is a little weird, and I would feel like a complete brat if I messaged the musician like "Hey, your vocals are way too low in the middle, so could you maybe mix this again? And if you could add 60-90 seconds, that would be great!" I guess "Fear and Loathing" by Marina and the Diamonds is still kind of in the running.

I may say fuck it and use "Army of Me" or "Destroy Everything You Touch." Fortunately, I don't need to decide right now. I still have a shitload of frapsing and clipping to do.
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that would take an obscene number of woman-hours to complete?

I also feel like all my ideas, while lady-centric, are insufficiently ~feminist~ for WisCon. Like, I'm pretty sure "Mass Effect Grrrrrrl Power" and "EDI is Awesome" lack the requisite cultural gravitas. Adding femslash usually helps, right?
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WisCon wants newbie vidders to submit vids about feminism, technology, and sf/f? Well sheeeeeeeit. I have about eight ideas that could work for that. Remains to be seen if I can execute them competently and promptly, but deadlines are generally good for my creativity, so ... yee-haw?
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Title: No Time for Doubt
Fandom: Mass Effect
Music: "Extreme Queen (Moby vs. Queen vs. Public Enemy)" by LeeDM101
Summary: Shepard leaves Eden Prime a changed woman.

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BABY'S FIRST VID! This ended up waaaaay more ambitious than I planned. It gave me lots of opportunities to experiment with Fraps, the Mass Effect command console, and Sony Vegas. I feel a little more prepared to start the ~artsy~ vids I've been pondering. Don't think I'm brave enough to post this to any comms, though.
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*taps microphone*

Been feeling fannish lately and missing my daily dose of fandom weirdos, so here I am.

Currently on a video game kick. Way too obsessed with Mass Effect right now. Developing an unhealthy fetish for Turians.

Seriously considering learning to vid. Likelihood of that actually happening? No idea. But I have some video editing experience, so that increases the odds a bit.

So what have I missed?
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