hot_tramp: slash? (grease-slash)
she stole it fast & with a multitude of casualties ([personal profile] hot_tramp) wrote2010-07-24 01:22 pm

Your headers are the scene of the crime

Dear Inception fandom:

Welcome! You have kick-ass source material, hot actors, and an active high-quality kink meme that's jump-starting things with style. So awesome! There's just one thing I need to ask of you:

Stop warning for slash.

Same-sex relationships are not something we need to "warn" for. LGBT relationships are not like graphic violence or nonconsensual sex. Warning for slash is not cute. It's homophobic, whether you intend it to be or not. Stoppit.

But please keep writing Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Everyone!

Despite your fail, with love,
[personal profile] hot_tramp

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