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God help me, I kind of love Taylor Momsen's band

I listened to waaaaaaaay too much chick-metal and angst-rock today, desperately trying to find a song for my planned vid. (Well, one of my planned vids.) It's about bearing the weight of difficult choices, and lemme tell ya, it's hard to find a song that works for that! As my friend pointed out today, very few songs with a female vocalist pass the Bechdel test. It's boys and lurve and sex and breakups from morning 'til night.

Current top contender: "Stand My Ground," by Within Temptation. And it's still a little too chipper. I really like the idea of this cover of Linkin Park's "Numb" and "What I've Done," but the production is a little weird, and I would feel like a complete brat if I messaged the musician like "Hey, your vocals are way too low in the middle, so could you maybe mix this again? And if you could add 60-90 seconds, that would be great!" I guess "Fear and Loathing" by Marina and the Diamonds is still kind of in the running.

I may say fuck it and use "Army of Me" or "Destroy Everything You Touch." Fortunately, I don't need to decide right now. I still have a shitload of frapsing and clipping to do.
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once again

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i haven't many clues whereof you speak. altho i do grok bechdel and bjork, otherwise am lost. continue frisping and clapping. ;)
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that sounds alsome! Hey maybe you can vid me onto the screen with Xena? I STILL contend that Gabrielle 1.has a weak chin and 2. I woulda been a great sidekick for Xena! My lady always mutters 'sour grapes' when this comes up.

Lately we've been watching "Lost Girl" and marveling at Kenzie's sidekick prowess and alsome lines; altho- she's so damned skinny its slightly painful to look at. Also- Bo needs a damn haircut. I really wanna tell off the makeup and hair people on that show. Its downright distracting, I keep interrupting dialogue to shout "BLEND THE EYESHADOW DAMMIT!"

I don't spose one could do that level of editing tho, huh?
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don't even get me started on Sarah Connor Chronicles.