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More like DOLT-ar, amirite?

I watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica this weekend, clipping like a madwoman for my maybe-for-Wiscon vid. I had forgotten that the show could easily be subtitled "or How Gaius Baltar Repeatedly Failed at Life and Doomed Humanity." One of his few moments of non-fail -- helping Gina -- was really about him wanting a replacement for Caprica and eventually undermined by his pushy/rapey attitude toward her. Ugh.

Also, plot hole: Why did he give her the nuke, and why did she use it in that way and at that moment?

Postscript: the number of fucks given about Kara/Lee remains infinitesimal.
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1 word onlies

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also- Lee is slimy, for reals. I didn't mind that other guy- the one who did that whole sport thing, but Lee is just icky and shouldn't have been allowed to even LOOK at Kara Thrace. Personal pet peeve, as a lady identified lady who likes ladies- the sheer number of dope ass chicks hooking up with barely human greasestains. I blame compulsory heterosexuality. Without which a whole lotta wack ass manpersons would never get laid. And I lurve a decent manperson, shit- I lurved Adama on BSG. I mean, I didnt "Timothy Olyphant" lurve him... but still. How'd he end up w such a crappy kid?
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Re: 1 word onlies

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Yeah, it was ridiculous. Starbuck and ROSLIN, dammit.

The one gay or bi main character they had, they a) didn't show any of the relationship on the actual show, just the net extras b) turned into a "tragic" character with a suspiciously metaphorical seeming disability, very mid 20th century Hayes Code and problematic on several fronts, not forgetting racial, given the character, because c) he becomes a traitor d) dies. Whee!!

But of course there was hawt bi Cylon babe action centering around GAG Baltar, several times. KILL BALTAR WHY DID HE HAVE TO LIVE TILL THE END WHYYYY