yallya ([personal profile] yallya) wrote in [personal profile] hot_tramp 2013-03-23 10:30 pm (UTC)

Do you feel comfortable saying what you do for a living? (Maybe you have told me before, but amnesia.)

I agree that the sort of work where you can't think about other stuff, but it's not that interesting in itself, is annoying!

Is your supervisor the sort who might be open to discussion about tweaking the job to be more about stuff you can excel at? I know I try to do that with my employees.

I was just saying to them, actually, last work day, that people assume if they hate some part of the job everyone hates it, but that's often not true -- I assign stuff based on what I think people will like, and tell me if I ask you to do something you hate because there's a good chance someone else doesn't hate it and you can swap with them :).

Most times what people like doing and what they are good at overlap, so it works well for me, too. And maybe for your boss? Maybe you have a coworker who, for example loves organizing but hates technical writing? Or whatever it is y'all do ;). Writing is something a lot of people hate... surprisingly...

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