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she stole it fast & with a multitude of casualties ([personal profile] hot_tramp) wrote 2013-04-15 06:53 pm (UTC)

Is which thing really true?

As for cohabitating boyfriend, I'm not worrying for him. I'm worried that he will decide that this is an unacceptable level of risk. I don't really think that's likely, like he's probably not going to be all "I'm not fucking you now, hooray," but I guess that seems like a non-zero possibility?

A while ago, when non-cohabitating boyfriend and I got back together and it became apparent that his condom issue wasn't going to improve, I raised the issue of dropping condoms with him. Cohabitating boyfriend was very uncomfortable with that. Despite the fact that he and I always use condoms, he doesn't go down on me, and non-cohabitating boyfriend wasn't sleeping with anyone else. That seems like a very low risk tolerance to me. So I don't really know what might seem unacceptably risky to him.

Anyway, if he decides that one of my partners and/or my practices with that partner represent an unacceptable risk, what the hell do I do? I mean, I know what I do: I make some really shitty decisions. I don't relish the thought of making those decisions.

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