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I'm sure this makes me an elitist hobag

But wow, is there ever a lot of badfic in Mass Effect fandom.

I freely admit that any Original Character protagonist automatically puts a story in my badfic bin. Particularly when they're paired with a canon character. Boyfriend thinks Mass Effect fandom is particularly ripe for Mary Sues because so many people play the games in a self-insert kinda way.

There's also a lot of longfic. That's not inherently bad, but it's annoying when I'm looking for a quick smutty read and have to wade through a lot of 50k+ word epics. Oh, and another instant badfic indicator for me: Abuse of author's notes. If there's one at the end of every chapter, I start having flashbacks and break out in hives.

On the plus side, I am finding a steady supply of decent porn! I think I'm possibly enjoying the Turian sex a bit much. That's like half a step from furries, right?
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I've not a clue what you speak of...

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but i'm enjoying the way you say it. :)
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Actually, a lot of that sounds like the Mass Effect games themselves.
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Badfic abounds everywhere, alas.