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More like DOLT-ar, amirite?

I watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica this weekend, clipping like a madwoman for my maybe-for-Wiscon vid. I had forgotten that the show could easily be subtitled "or How Gaius Baltar Repeatedly Failed at Life and Doomed Humanity." One of his few moments of non-fail -- helping Gina -- was really about him wanting a replacement for Caprica and eventually undermined by his pushy/rapey attitude toward her. Ugh.

Also, plot hole: Why did he give her the nuke, and why did she use it in that way and at that moment?

Postscript: the number of fucks given about Kara/Lee remains infinitesimal.
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1 word onlies

[personal profile] calamity3jane 2013-03-11 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)

also- Lee is slimy, for reals. I didn't mind that other guy- the one who did that whole sport thing, but Lee is just icky and shouldn't have been allowed to even LOOK at Kara Thrace. Personal pet peeve, as a lady identified lady who likes ladies- the sheer number of dope ass chicks hooking up with barely human greasestains. I blame compulsory heterosexuality. Without which a whole lotta wack ass manpersons would never get laid. And I lurve a decent manperson, shit- I lurved Adama on BSG. I mean, I didnt "Timothy Olyphant" lurve him... but still. How'd he end up w such a crappy kid?
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YES. OMG hated Baltar So. MUCH.
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Who the fuck is Gina

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Yes Baltar is icky, and Lee is douche boredom. He should have been hanging around complaining about being friendzoned. Then the character would have made sense. Also this:

But seriously, I went to the full character list on imdb and didn't find any Gina and I have no idea who that is. Baltar actually did something nice for someone? How can I not remember this?