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The Girl and the Mashup

The robot-themed vid project has led me to finally learn some audio editing as well. I am working on what may become a serviceable mashup! Try as I might, I could NOT find an electronica/electro/EBMish song with a female vocalist that would work for this damn vid. I found lyrics from a few songs I liked, and nice instrumental bits from a few other songs, and decided FUCK IT I'll make my own damn song. Of course the songs I want don't have studio acapellas floating around so I had to find or make DIY acapellas. Which are a bit dodgy, to say the least. I may be able to patch it all together with scotch tape and paper clips.

The project also led me to spend an evening watching Small Wonder, that truly awful television show from the eighties. Just so, so bad. Not quite as bad as Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, though. The things we do for art.
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[personal profile] ellen_f 2013-04-01 03:29 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god. I remember Small Wonder. Worse than that is hard to imagine.
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It never even occurred to me to look for sitcoms of my youth to see if they were as terrible as I remembered, because I didn't think of Netflix as having such things. Damn you.
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I assume you tried Ayria? She's got all kinds of stompy, EBM-ish music, with female vocals.
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as usual i've no idea what you're talking about

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but i do love a good mashup, and i lurve royksopp as well.
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Is there somewhere where one might admire your video art? I'm getting increasingly curious.