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Is the AO3 headed toward trouble?

Right now, there's a throwdown on FetLife (a popular kinky social network) over content restrictions. It reminds me a bit of the old LJ battles -- except it looks like FL is going to end up with rules that are more restrictive than LJ's. Or at least, LJ's post-strikethrough rules. If they've tightened up over the last couple years, I wouldn't have noticed.

The credit card processing companies have been putting the squeeze on sex-related websites, telling them they will no longer do business with them unless they crack down on certain types of content. When this content is discussions about grooming children for sexual abuse, this crackdown is awesome. FL was taking a very lax position on such content, allowing communities about trufax non-fantasy molestation to continue. So, you know, fuck that, and yay for someone getting FL to shut that shit down.

The credit card companies are also insisting that FL disallow other "obscene" content. Remember that "obscene," in the U.S., means more than "pornographic." They are specifically calling out scat, bestiality, and incest (even among adults). And they're apparently asking that fictional content about these topics be forbidden, too.

This worries me. The AO3 doesn't have any such content restrictions. Does that mean the OTW is in danger of getting squeezed like this? I just wrote a moderately graphic teen sibling incest fic for Yuletide. (Based, mind you, on canon teen sibling incest from a 17th century play.) Is the OTW eventually going to be pressured to delete fics like that or lose the ability to take money from people through anything but BitCoin?
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All memberships, all services at the AO3 itself are free, and will apparently remain so. One pays for an OTW membership through PayPal, or with an international credit card, but an OTW membership and also donations to that org are completely separate from the Archive. As long as that remains so, as long as the OTW itself doesn't directly host so-called objectionable content, then the credit card powers that be cannot "squeeze" the OTW.

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As the lawyer in my life understands it, it comes down to direct hosting. Association may be problematic, yes, but the argument the credit moguls generally make tends to focus on hosting.

And I agree that PayPal is a bad idea all round (for many reasons) but I tend to get grumbled at when I say so. Lots of people have trouble paying for a DW account, for example, because they don't have credit cards and DW doesn't have service from PayPal (because DW hosts terrible thingz! *eyeroll*). However, there's not even a hint of a grumble coming from Master Card, Visa, et all, and that's how I pay for my account.